Berlin Marathon 2022

Updated: Jun 29

Hey everyone!!! I'm back and I'm going to try and do better!

It's the 27th June 2022 and we are on Day 1 of our Berlin Marathon Training plan. This year we have run a couple of marathons already, Brighton and Worcester in April and May and we have been enjoying a little break since then.

That lovely little break has now come to an end and we are now going to complete a 12-week plan to have a consistent run in Berlin!

I also hope to be more consistent with my blogs and possibly some vlogs too...I tried with Brighton to give weekly updates but sadly the weeks ran away with me (no pun intended) so here's to a more consistent Berlin Blog 🤞🏻


Monday 27th June 2022

Today's run was a "foundation" run which is a 5 min warm-up, 35 mins in Zone 2 and then a 5 min cool down. I ran with Jill as Ashley was still at work. We stayed very local to Ellesmere and ended at Tesco's. For those of you local to Ellesmere it's not uncommon for your run to start or end at Tesco's 😊

Now with every run that I do with Jill, we do have to stop for varying toilet needs, Jill's not mine and today was no different. We were a little stop-start, to begin with but once her needs were met we plodded along comfortably. Another change to our runs in this plan is because we are working with Stryd we still don't know what pace we are running at until the run is over. When running MY watch shows me a target and I try to stay on that target only once the run has uploaded do I see any distance or pace! This does work for me quite nicely but I appreciate some runners may not like that so much!

Tomorrow is another run day..... I will update more 😊


Tuesday 28th June 2022

Today I needed to complete 2 runs, The first was a fast finish run otherwise known as a progressive run and the other was a foundation run. With the marathon plan we are following I am allowed to replace the foundation runs with another activity as long as it is for the same amount of time. As it was raining I chose to replace the foundation run with 40 minutes on the turbo once I returned home.

I headed on a slightly different route today which took me along the country lanes, a route we have cycled but only run a couple of times. I checked the map before leaving and then popped on the music. I was running solo today as Ashley was still at work and because I needed to do some "faster" running I decided Jill could stay at home.

The run felt pretty good all in all, the first 3 miles passed quite quickly and the route became a little more undulating. I am still learning to run to power so regularly checked my watch to ensure I was keeping in my zone. As I hit the main road to come back into Ellesmere this is where the pace changed a little and I had to step it up for the final 15 minutes. This was quite difficult due to not having a pathway to run on but once I got into Ellesmere properly I was able to hit my goal. The pace for the last 15 minutes was okay I knew I was pushing a little but I wouldn't say I was uncomfortable as such. My run came to an end at the roundabout in the town centre from here I walked back home stopping at Tescos for some supplies.

I then jumped on the bike to finish my 40-minute turbo session completing the training for today!

Tomorrow is yes you've guessed it another run day...!


Wednesday 29th June 2022

Today's run was a straightforward out and back along the canal, 50 minutes foundation run. It's been raining on and off all day so today we decided to just get it done.

It was a really simple 5 minutes warm-up, then 40 minutes at 80 -90% effort before another 5-minute cooldown. These runs force us to sit at a comfortable pace there are plenty of these types of runs in our plan as well. All I can say about today's run is it was wet in places and there were a lot of low-hanging branches. I think I spotted a kingfisher too but it was so speedy I can't be certain...

Tomorrow is another double run day, both runs are foundation runs one is 45 minutes long and the other 40 minutes so I imagine one of these will become a turbo session again. Although I am on leave so I may fit both runs in if I manage my time properly (something I'm not so great at nowadays)


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