Brighton Marathon 2022 | Week 1

It's the beginning of the year and we are back to marathon training! I am a big fan of training plans mainly because I'm not very good at making up my mind!

Our first week is super easy with us only completing very short and easy runs...

Monday: We went up to the Panorama overlooking Llangollen and completed a 5km. Ashley also convinced me to wear my skort. I am forever saying I want to wear shorts and skirts when I'm running but I always bottle it...

I mean what better time to try and get the legs weathered than January when the weather has literally just turned colder...

Tuesday: 20 minutes at "easy pace" around Ellesmere in the dark

Wednesday: 20 minutes again at "easy pace" around Ellesmere in the dark, day 2 of skort wearing and I survived!

Thursday: We snuck in a lunch run, it was Ashley's day off but I had a gap in meetings so we jumped in the car and headed to Oswestry Old Hillfort. As we arrived it started to rain but that didn't put us off.

Friday & Saturday: Rest days for us whilst we visit family in Weymouth!

Sunday: Our final run of the week... A short and steady 30 minutes, we covered just over 2 miles but had a lovely top-up of morning sunshine especially after the rainy day we had yesterday!

That brings this week's mileage to just over 10 miles in 2 hrs which isn't too bad, next week will see our runs increase by time a little but remain at this steady pace!

Now to enjoy the rest of our weekend!

Take Care,

Shelley x

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