Brighton Marathon 2022 | Week 2

Week 1 was fab and my type of running and I'm pleased to report week 2 was much the same...

Monday: Week 2 Day 1 and we had an easy 25 minutes to complete, we kept it very local to home and ran around the estates in Ellesmere. Our pace is around 1100 to 1130 min/miles which yes is lovely and easy but it's also quite difficult not to speed up as this is a little slower than our easy pace!

We also managed to catch up with our friend Ricky, Ricky normal accompanies us on our races and adventures but since Covid, we haven't had many chances but we hope to again very soon!

Tuesday: 25 minutes at a slower "easy pace" around Ellesmere once again.

Wednesday: Was a rest day!

Thursday: Another rest day!

Friday: A double run day for us as we have a few plans for the weekend! The first part of our run was 25 minutes at an easy pace so we headed along the canal towards Colemere. We wondered if we could make Colemere as Stryd predicted our runs to be around 5 miles in total yet to Colmere and back is normally 6 miles. At the end of our first 25 minutes, we were literally around the corner from Colemere so for the first 5 minutes of the 2nd portion of the run we headed on to Colemere. As we reached the mere the sun was beginning to set so we took the opportunity to take a few photo's and then turned to head back home.

The run went to plan as the 2nd portion was a little quicker and we did manage to get back to Tesco's before hitting pause.

Saturday: Should have been a rest day but we completed parkrun at Alderford Lake, Shropshire. We decided to run separately and to allow Stryd to tell us how to run it. We started together but Ashley soon stepped ahead of me! I'm a fan of this parkrun but I'm also not a fan I find it hard and today's run felt harder as I was aware I was one of the few females in the group I was running near and the ground was so hard I was worried of taking the wrong step and falling flat on my face! But regardless I tried to keep my head up and to keep my pace constant its a 2 loop route and I saw Ashley a few times but it was a relief to see Ashley as I took the final turn into the finishing field. He ran with me on those final few steps and pleasingly I had a finishing sprint in me too!

The reason we went to Alderford lake was so that we could also go paddleboarding whilst we were there. So we went back to the car warmed up for a bit and then went out on the water. We managed around an hour on the water before the hands got a little chilly but it was great fun and helped to build my confidence a little more on the water I also stood up for a whole minute! It felt like a great achievement it may not sound much but for me it's huge!!

Sunday: What should normally be a long run day but for us but this week it's another rest day! But we didn't rest we walked up a mountain instead it was a short 5km walk but it was also over 1316ft 😬we couldn't see a thing as it was so misty but it was lovely to get outdoors and just do something!

That brings this week's mileage to just over 15 miles in 3 hrs which is good, next week will see our runs increase again and with a little faster sessions too!

Take Care,

Shelley x

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