Brighton Marathon 2022 | Week 3

I just love marathon training! I do enjoy having the structure of a plan and knowing what we are running. Possibly because both of us are terrible at deciding what we should run!

But another week passes and Week 3 has seen us do a couple of speedier sessions and even more easy miles.

Monday: The first run of the week and it was a time trial.

We both had Monday off work so the plan was to wake up, get changed have a light breakfast and head to Shrewsbury to complete our run in not only the daylight but also on a flattish route. We chose the local parkrun route as although it isn't completely flat it is flatter than many routes available to us.

We parked near to the railway station which is about a 15 minute comfy paced run along the river to the Quarry. We knew that both Ashley & I would be running at different paces so we agreed on the route and at least by the time the "fast" session was done we would still be in the same vicinity at least.

After a couple of short sprints, we then settled into 25 minutes at 95% - 103% power aka giving it all plus some. Ashley slowly slipped ahead of me which I expected, so I focussed solely on trying to remain comfortable at the goal power. The aim was to be able to maintain that power for the full 25 mins which I did. The last loop did feel super tough but I was able to hold on and fortunately Ashley rerouted and caught up with me so we could finish it off together.

We also saw my brother not that I was able to talk to him I could hardly breathe never mind talk!

Then finally, the watch beeped and then we could settle back into a comfortable pace for 10 minutes cool down back to the car. From there we quickly changed and headed to Weatherspoons to catch breakfast before it finished...2 x full English breakfasts

Thank you very much!

Tuesday: Saw us back to our super easy pace for 40 minutes, unfortunately, we were both back to work and so the head torches were out around the streets of Ellesmere in the dark! Strangely as we were running we felt we were running a little quicker than the week before even though we were still on the target power. It must have just been an illusion as we were at the same pace again when the run finished.

Wednesday: Was our running rest day so we completed a 20-minute full-body workout with Maffit.

Thursday: Tonight we introduced strides into our training, We had a 20-minute warm-up, then 4 x 30-second strides giving everything with 30 seconds recovery time. These felt good and again I hit speeds I didn't expect all of them were in the low 6 minutes miles pace which I was pleased about. The recovery got harder and harder to do but we did it and that's the most important bit! After recovering from the final stride we had 20 minutes cool down to get us back home to have tea.

Friday: was another run day but another easy 40 minutes around Ellesmere, the pace was very comfortable and although it was a good run we did have a minor run-in with some youths who thought it would be fun to verbally abuse us!

Not wishing to dampen our weekend we shook it off and headed to Birmingham as planned We were a little later than we had hoped but then the drive is only about an hour so not too bad on all accounts.

Saturday: It's the Running Show, As ambassadors for the Run Show we were asked to arrive in time for the grand opening which we did and it was fab to get to meet the other ambassadors and also to be involved in that process... So 0900 came and the Run Show was open. Our day consisted of walking around looking at running stuff, sitting listening to people talking about running and generally just surrounded by running it was amazing! A great day out and we got to do it all again the next day too!

We left the NEC around 1600 on Saturday as we had decided to do our Sunday Long Run (1hr 30mins) on Saturday as we would need to travel home Sunday so Saturday felt easier! We returned to our hotel got changed and got out straight away as we didn't want to talk ourselves out of the run. We were staying in a hotel that was sat near the canal so we thought the easiest option would be to run along the canal for 45 minutes and then we could turn and return either on the road or back along the canal. As we hit 45 minutes the light was starting to drop so we headed back towards the hotel by road again the pace was a very easy pace and very comfortable to maintain. As we neared the end of our run we realised the road was going to take us over distance/time so we hopped back onto the canal for about the last mile which then finished at the hotel garden which was perfect timing.

Which leaves Sunday...

Sunday: Was a rest day but we had another day at the Running Show planned so it may have been a run rest day but it wasn't a lazy day! We were super excited to be meeting more of our fabulous AWR community members so we were up early and headed back to the NEC for 0900, We again got involved in the official opening and then spent another full day listening to so many inspirational runners talking about their running. We walked away from the show feeling really inspired to rake on more challenges and to push ourselves a little further.

For us, as runners, being at the National Running Show all weekend was perfect and it was the best weekend, it was so so nice to be able to spend time with people again!

Now to Week 4 and possibly a few tweaks to our plan! Possibly

Take Care,

Shelley x

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