Brighton Marathon 2022 | Week 5

Week 5 started sore! This week we had the one speedier session and a longer run at the weekend. We are also visiting family at the weekend so we will get to do our long run by the sea!

Monday: Rest Day, Today we chose to rest we weren't meant to but I was suffering some pain in my shoulder and chest so it seemed best to rest instead.

Tuesday: Today's run was an easy run around Ellesmere after work, the plan said to run for just over an hour but we adapted this run to a 5K instead we needed to see if I had any aches and pains. Fortunately, it was a comfortable run and although my knee was bruised and a little painful I was able to run. The pace was easy meaning we completed this run in about 35 minutes.

Wednesday: Was a rest day! so we completed a strength session with Madfit, I also did an arms workout and we then completed 30 minutes of yoga.

Thursday: Today we had to complete an intervals session, First off we ran to warm up for 20 minutes up, by which point we were by the mere. This was handy as the area is lit to allow us to complete our 1-minute sprints. The sprints were hard and really did push me. I tried to use Ashley as the target as best I could, we had to do 5 sprints and by the last one, I felt quite green.

Friday: Today was another rest day as we were travelling to Weymouth to visit family again.

Saturday: Today became a double run day, completing parkrun in the morning with Zena, Amy and Jill. Then Ashley and I completed our 70 minutes easy run for the weekend. We again had to keep this run at a certain power as we are running this plan with Stryd power rather than a specific pace/time running. Fortunate Ashley and my powers overlap so we are able to run together.

Sunday: Today was a running rest day but I took a short walk with Jill instead, this was just around the block but it was enough to get the heart pumping and a walk is better than nothing at all.

Here is where our week 5 training ends, now to next week with more easy miles!

Take Care,

Shelley x

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