Goodbye 2021 and Hello 2022!

What a year that was, it certainly wasn’t the year we expected but again we managed to complete so much more than we expected!

Here are 12 selfies from the 12 months of the year!

We started the year with snow and after signing up for our first 100km Ultra in May we were sensible and choose to walk in the white fluffy stuff to protect ourselves from the potential of injury! We did however celebrate Apparently We Run’s 2nd Birthday with a Marathon on the 23rd and a zoom birthday party with some of our group members!

February saw us continue to focus on “time on feet” not really paying attention to speed and pace! We were all about distance and time. We completed another marathon near the end of the month which then led us in to Move every day in March, which we completed by doing something every day, which could be a walk, run, bike ride and also yoga & stretch where we could!

April continued in the same theme, more running more miles and a lovely trip to meet one of AWR Friends and his Family near the end of the month. We also ventured to the peak district which was a beautiful yet challenging route.

And then we have it May the month of the Ultra, For the weeks leading up to the ultra we kept the miles easy and slow not wanting to risk anything and then on the 29th at 0645 we went out on our biggest adventure to date! From London to Brighton officially our best ever experience and confirmed our love for longer distances!

If you’d like to see our day here is the link to our Vlog:

It should be a surprise to read we took a week off after this! We felt fab but we deserved a break, so we had it. June, July, and August all became consistent months! We didn’t have any races as such, but we continued to run. Know we had The Great North Run, Berlin Marathon, and Paris Marathon to come. Also, in July we had the pleasure of captaining Team West for Kev and Clare @Runthings for @Run Around the world!

This is a fantastic event where 1000’s of runners all gets together in 5 teams to get around the world first! Our team was amazing once again and did us extremely proud!

September we had The Great North Run and also completed a gorgeous trail run over the Purbeck hills! Unfortunately, we didn’t make Berlin Marathon as we, unfortunately, contracted Covid and had to postpone it! We did, however, make Paris in October not quite as race ready as we had hoped but we made it, we got there, we ran it, we completed it and we got a medal

If you’d like to see our day here is the link to our Vlog:

This leaves November and December, Not the months we’d hoped for but being poorly did, unfortunately, knock us a little, so we have focussed on our health and getting ourselves back into “race” shape! The final event for us was @Run UP to Christmas, our team was amazing and never ceases to amaze us! We covered over 350km and day and nearly hit 10,000km in just 25 days!

And now we focus on 2022! We have Brighton Marathon & Berlin Marathon booked but who knows what else could pop up! This just leaves me to say Thank you to all our supporters and here’s to a Happy 2022! Take Care, Stay Safe and hopefully, our paths will cross sometime soon.

Ashley & Shelley x

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